Winter Wool Adventure

Winter is on its way and so its time to dust of the ol’ knitting needles and begin this years project.

I’l be honest I don’t really have any interest in creating jumpers, gloves or beanies but I do love a thick woollen blanket to snuggle up in on a cold night.

Last year I created a ‘waffle blanket’ for our queen sized bed and this year I’m following a similar path. I’ve decided to create a ‘lattice weave’ blanket.

So thats 26 (10st x 245cm) sections + 25 (10st x 260cm) sections. Knit together the edges and then weave each of the sections to create a lattice pattern.

One down...

One down fifty to go.

One Response to "Winter Wool Adventure"

  • nice idea. I get bored sometimes too knitting large projects so doing it in smaller pieces makes more sense. I only tend to knit in winter – too hot in summer. I like knitting triangles (had a buckminster fuller stage for a bit & they grew on me) – not sure what to do with them all – maybe patches for a blanket.

    1 kath said this (May 13, 2011 at 12:52 pm)