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Baby bounty

7th July 2011 | Closed

I recently had my first child (now 3 months old) and received an amazing number of gifts for my son. However, among the bounty of presents were several homemade gifts that filled me with extra warmth and love. 1. Yellow crocheted blanket from one of my best friends aunty’s   2. Star bibs & face […]

It’s a country thing

8th June 2011 | Closed

There is nothing more that I love than the smell of wood fires during winter. This is made even more pleasant when you are in a country town surrounded by local jams, cheese and quilt fairs (or is that just me). We recently headed north to the historic town of Beechworth (the honey place), where […]

Winter Wool Adventure – update

23rd May 2011 | Closed

This squiggly pile of wool spaghetti is the beginnings of my lattice blanket. 6 more balls of wool to go and I will be able to start sewing it all together. Only drama so far is that I have noticed two different colours in the wool. Note to self ALWAYS check the batch numbers on […]

Little Scarves

26th April 2011 | 1 Comment

I’ve asked the doyen of knitting, Erin Douglas, to write a few articles for me on one of her favorite subjects ūüôā Over to you Erin… Little scarves – I‚Äôve got to tell you, I find knitting scarves a bit boring. As in, a LOT boring. Even an intricately patterned one is super repetitive after […]

Peaches & Plums & Pears….oh my!

16th March 2011 | Closed

                My good friend UrbanFarmer gave me a delicious jar of her poached pears recently, which inspired me to¬†grab all those end of summer stone fruit and poach them so I can eat yummy stone fruit all through winter on my porridge,¬†muesli¬†or in a wicked crumble. YUM! Nothing […]

Winter Wool Adventure

13th March 2011 | 1 Comment

Winter is on its way and so its time to dust of the ol’ knitting needles and begin this years project. I’l be honest I don’t really have any¬†interest¬†in creating jumpers, gloves or beanies but I do love a thick woollen blanket to snuggle up in on a cold night. Last year I created a […]

These are a few of my favorite things…

8th March 2011 | Closed

Now that I’m on maternity leave I’ve got some time to update my website properly and share a few of my favourite things with you. 1. Heath Ceramics:¬†California¬†based pottery company producing tableware and accessories. 2. ¬†Elk Accessories: Melbourne retailer that offers contemporary designed fashion jewellery,¬†knitwear¬†and homewares. 3. ¬†Dear Gladys: vintage fashion store in […]

Sweety Treats

3rd February 2011 | Closed

Ok so I’ll be honest I’m not the most confident baker in the world. In fact my baking skills usually result in soggy pastry or rock hard biscuits but I thought that I’d try my hand at it once again, in the belief that persistance and practice may result in a modicum of success. So […]

Pomodoro Sunday

23rd January 2011 | 1 Comment

Last spring I thought I would have a go a making some passata (base tomato sauce used in everything from pasta sauce, caseroles, stews etc). We ventured to our local food market and picked up 20kg’s of end of season tomatos. Where upon I proceeded to wash, steam and pulp my tomatos into submission. I […]

Cushions are just the beginning

23rd January 2011 | Closed

I made these cushions a few years ago and only recently found them again in my linen cupboard. They are a very simple combination of felt shapes on a coloured cotton, cut to fit a 20cm cushion. While I am no Tonya Toddman or Martha Stewart behind the sewing machine I can manage a couple […]